Viewing large segmentations in the Display widget can be prohibitively long. For this reason, the widget displays only the first and last 5 items of large segmentations (>1000 segments). The following procedure can be used to bypass this limitation.

NB Save your workflow before proceeding: trying to display an exceedingly large segmentation can stall the program for a long time and force you to quit it with ctrl+alt+C, thus losing your work in progress.

  •  Open the Data tab and create an instance of the Python Script widget:


  • Double-click the Python Script instance to open its interface.

  • In the bottom section of the Python Script interface ("Console"), type the following two instructions after the >>> prompt (NB 5000 is just an example, set it to a value larger than the number of items you need to display):


    >>> import LTTL
    >>> LTTL.Segmentation.MAX_SEGMENT_STRING = 5000



  • If needed, disconnect the Diplay widget instance from its input and reconnect it.

  • Note that the new setting will be applied to all instances of Display until it is modified again or until you quit the program.